Yellow Pages of Vanuatu

Yellow Pages Vanuatu is the official on-line phone book of Vanuatu.

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Unelco Engie

A key economic player in the Utilities sector in VANUATU, UNELCO is a private enterprise and the utilities concessionaire for the production, transport and supply of electricity and water.

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Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator

TRR of vanuatu

The official website of the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR) of Vanuatu.


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Online property Tax

Port-Vila Municipality Online Property Tax

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Tana Ciné on Yellow Pages

The official page of Vanuatu's only movie theatre "Tana Cine" is now online!

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Port Vila municipality

Point of entry to Port Vila City Council applications :
- On-line Permit building

- On-line Property Tax

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Vanuatu Services

Vanuatu Services ENGIE

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Paris Shopping

Paris Shopping - Duty Free vanuatu

A very special place to buy  duty  free products in Vanuatu. Since 1978.

The largest range duty free  in fragrances and beauty products – Wines , spirits , Champagnes .  Tobacco  - Confectionery , travels accessories...


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Central Tender Board

The Central Tender Board 

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Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources of Vanuatu

Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources of Vanuatu


The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources oversees the functions of the Department of Lands, the Department of Water, Geology and Mines and the Office of The Valuer General.

It also works in collaboration with other Ministries, such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the Port Vila Municipal Council, to deal with land issues.


The main areas we will focus on, are on:


  1. Ensuring there are fair dealing in lands.
  2. Ensuring that the rights of Custom Owners to their lands, and its developments, are fully recognized and protected.



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Venui Vanilla

Venui Vanilla

Growing Organic Vanilla and spices focusing on the quality

Organic-certified since 1997, Venui Vanilla has taken the ‘organic’ concept far beyond the use of natural inputs, encompassing aspects such as the biology of the plant and its climatic and pedological requirements.

Since the beginning of its activities Venui Vanilla has been focussing on quality.
Almost two decades of dedicated research in growing and processing techniques, supported by the experience and expertise of Piero Bianchessi, who has an educational background in chemistry, have resulted in the development of superior quality and outstanding goods that sell all over the world in premium and specialised markets.


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Alliance Française de Port-Vila

Alliance Française de Port-Vila

Provides french classes from beginners to advanced. Promotes the French and Ni-Vanuatu culture through artistic exhibitions and provides a relaxing environment in its "Café des Artistes"


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Hotel Melanesian Port Vila

Hotel Melanesian Port Vila

All guests are provided with 'Full Service' - the hotel's unique concept associated with the utmost personalized care.

Relax and surrender your senses to the atmosphere and service at The Melanesian.


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GreenTech is a young company created in 2008 by Eric Kerres. It is the first company specialized in renewable energy with professional staff to be set up in Vanuatu.

Our mission is to propose economical and respectfull solutions for the environment.
Our offer is aimed at private individuals, companies as well as communities in particular in the tourism industry, the agriculture and in the public sector.

GreenTech proposes you a complete service in order to realise your project of renewable energy

-Study of the installation, choice of the energy (Solar, Wind, micro-hydro…)
-Importation of the material
-Equipment installation
-After-sales services

We love Vanuatu and we want to protect it. The energy efficience is our priority. We are proud to accompany this marvellous country in the environmental respect thanks to the renewable energies.
Moreover, with its particular climate and its isolation, Vanuatu enjoys favorable contitions for the utilisation of the green energies.

GreenTech : The technology in favour of the environment

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Vanuatu Kava Wholesaler


is a family owned company based in Port-Vila, Vanuatu, SW Pacific, and we have been involved in the kava industry for more than 12 years, organising the export of up to 300 t of dry kava per year to various markets (New Caledonia, Fiji, Hawaii, USA , China).

  “South Seas Commodities” has warehouses both in Vila and Santo, the two main ports of export of Vanuatu.

They are also collecting and exporting a wide range of other raw and semi-processed agricultural products from Vanuatu (Tamanu Oil, Noni Juice, cocoa, spices, virgin coconut oil..).

They purchase kava directly from selected farmers, and travel extensively through the island to source the best quality kava for their markets.


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Destination Vanuatu

Destination Vanuatu is the most complete guide of  Vanuatu

Information about all the Islands, the restaurant, hotels what to do and where !

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Port-Vila Hardware

PORTVILA HARDWARE offers you a full range of professional hardware products ranging from the lock, to the safety shoe, via stainless steel doors, cabinet hinges, stainless kitchens, "special terrace " wood screws, adhesives for CRC ADOS carpenters, a quality Dewalt drill driver or for an affordable price, a Black & Decker grinder. In brief, all the Tools and Equipment you would need for your projects!

PORT VILA HARDWARE, 100% customer care !

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Moorings Vanuatu

Vanuatu's Best Value Waterfront Accommodation

Located right in the Heart of Port Vila

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Vanuatu Infrastructure Reconstruction & Improvement Project

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PG IT Consulting

PG IT Consulting is a consultancy firm in IT, based in Port Vila - Vanuatu.

With 25 years of experience in computers, we have learned to analyse your needs with precision in order to allow for tailor-made solutions and to adapt to your budget.

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Global Immigration Consultant Vanuatu

Global Immigration Consultant Vanuatu

Global Immigration Consultant is a trustworthy and licensed immigration consultancy in Vanuatu that offers quality guidance, effective advice and provides information to its clients to settle down in the country.
Global Immigration Consultant analyses individual client needs and requirements and delivers solutions accordingly.

Global Immigration Consultant also offers its clients a highly reliable and fast immigration service at a very low cost compared to other immigration consultancies.

Global Immigration Consultant takes care of you from the before to the after of your arrival in the country and strives to guide you with exact measures to overcome the immigration intricacy and provide you relaxation and satisfaction to the fullest. It assists the newcomers to acquire the Work Permit Vanuatu.

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Fondation Suzanne Bastien

To preserve the property she has taken care of for so many years, and provide an exhibition centre in Vanuatu for contemporary art,

Suzanne Bastien recently decided to create a Foundation.

" Please see in this gesture only one desire, to thank Vanuatu for the rich experience it has allowed me to live".

The Suzanne Bastien Foundation

is situated near Port Vila, on the lagoon, just before Pango village.

The grounds measure about 3 hectares spanning from the shore to the cliff side and comprise varied seashore flora, gardens and many old trees.

This property was acquired in 1964 by Suzanne Bastien who has always worked for the conservation of this seashore and the preservation of the numerous trees and other species established there.

Suzanne Bastien has for many years supported artists.

Her gallery "l'Atelier" was the meeting place for the first group of young contemporary artists : the "Nawita" association. She acquired many artists works over the years and in particular the 18 paintings named "Maps blong Vanuatu" by Patrice Cujo.
These paintings now belong to the Foundation.

In creating this foundation, Suzanne Bastien had three objectives

To preserve the property

To build a centre which would have two sections. One to exhibit the "Maps blong Vanuatu", and the other for temporary or permanent exhibitions of other contemporary artists.
It would be the Contemporary Art Gallery which Vanuatu does not yet have.

A third goal is to provide one or two small bungalows and a workshop for artists wishing to stay in a peaceful and inspiring environment.

La Fondation Suzanne Bastien

se trouve dans les environs de Port Vila, en bordure de lagon, peu avant le village de Pango.

Elle est située sur un terrain de 3 hectares qui s'étend de la plage à la falaise, et comprend, outre une flore de littoral variée, des jardins et de nombreux arbres anciens.

Cette propriété fut acquise en 1964 par Suzanne Bastienqui a toujours oeuvré pour la conservation de ce littoral et pour la préservation des nombreux arbres et autres espèces qui y sont établies.

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Vanuatu Judo Federation

Judo inspired by nature

Based on this observation and fighting techniques of the samurai, Jigoro Kano in 1882 laid the founding principles of a new discipline: Judo, literally "the gentle way".

In proposing a physical, moral and spiritual judo judo allows to flourish in harmony with themselves and especially with others.

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South Pacific Tours

South Pacific Tours Vanuatu is not just a local tour coordinator but your private concierge to make your trip to Vanuatu unique and special.

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