Fondation Suzanne Bastien

To preserve the property she has taken care of for so many years, and provide an exhibition centre in Vanuatu for contemporary art,

Suzanne Bastien recently decided to create a Foundation.

" Please see in this gesture only one desire, to thank Vanuatu for the rich experience it has allowed me to live".

The Suzanne Bastien Foundation

is situated near Port Vila, on the lagoon, just before Pango village.

The grounds measure about 3 hectares spanning from the shore to the cliff side and comprise varied seashore flora, gardens and many old trees.

This property was acquired in 1964 by Suzanne Bastien who has always worked for the conservation of this seashore and the preservation of the numerous trees and other species established there.

Suzanne Bastien has for many years supported artists.

Her gallery "l'Atelier" was the meeting place for the first group of young contemporary artists : the "Nawita" association. She acquired many artists works over the years and in particular the 18 paintings named "Maps blong Vanuatu" by Patrice Cujo.
These paintings now belong to the Foundation.

In creating this foundation, Suzanne Bastien had three objectives

To preserve the property

To build a centre which would have two sections. One to exhibit the "Maps blong Vanuatu", and the other for temporary or permanent exhibitions of other contemporary artists.
It would be the Contemporary Art Gallery which Vanuatu does not yet have.

A third goal is to provide one or two small bungalows and a workshop for artists wishing to stay in a peaceful and inspiring environment.

La Fondation Suzanne Bastien

se trouve dans les environs de Port Vila, en bordure de lagon, peu avant le village de Pango.

Elle est située sur un terrain de 3 hectares qui s'étend de la plage à la falaise, et comprend, outre une flore de littoral variée, des jardins et de nombreux arbres anciens.

Cette propriété fut acquise en 1964 par Suzanne Bastienqui a toujours oeuvré pour la conservation de ce littoral et pour la préservation des nombreux arbres et autres espèces qui y sont établies.

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