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GreenTech is a young company created in 2008 by Eric Kerres. It is the first company specialized in renewable energy with professional staff to be set up in Vanuatu.

Our mission is to propose economical and respectfull solutions for the environment.
Our offer is aimed at private individuals, companies as well as communities in particular in the tourism industry, the agriculture and in the public sector.

GreenTech proposes you a complete service in order to realise your project of renewable energy

-Study of the installation, choice of the energy (Solar, Wind, micro-hydro…)
-Importation of the material
-Equipment installation
-After-sales services

We love Vanuatu and we want to protect it. The energy efficience is our priority. We are proud to accompany this marvellous country in the environmental respect thanks to the renewable energies.
Moreover, with its particular climate and its isolation, Vanuatu enjoys favorable contitions for the utilisation of the green energies.

GreenTech : The technology in favour of the environment

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