Vanuatu Services

is your one stop store for all your needs for water supply, energy efficiency, renewable energy generation.

Vanuatu Services ENGIE has been continuously operating in Vanuatu since 1970, under various branding (SOCOMETRA, Alizés Energies Vanuatu, COFELY Vanuatu). In the late 2000’s Vanuatu Services ENGIE specialized into renewable energy operation and maintenance including the development of an innovative solution of biofuel from coconut oil.

Vanuatu Services ENGIE is a Ni-Vanuatu company of 25 staffs (23 Ni-Vanuatu nationals and 2 expatriates) with a strong knowledge of the country, its culture, its diversity, and languages. We are familiar with missions in the outer islands.

All workers are trained according to their position and occupation at an international level as per ENGIE group policy, with a special attention to work conditions and safety.

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